Tis Love That’s Born Tonight: How Children See Him

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“Some childen see Him brown as they…”

Every year, I send this carol — the James Taylor version of Some Chidren See Him featured below — to new friends who don’t know that it is my favorite carol of all time.

I’m amazed how many people have never heard it. But not amazed how many decide it’s their favorite, too, once they have.

I was initially stunned by this song because the melody is so hauntingly beautiful. But the words are also profound and particularly timely. So at a time in this country when we need something to unite us instead of dividing us further, I offer it to you, too.

Christian or not, you may be moved by the the slideshow which reminds us of all the children of many “colors” for whom this birthday celebration is such a joyous occasion. It may even move you to remember those children for whom the celebration is not so joyous, and to reach out to them in any way you can.

Because that, in the end, is what it’s really “all about,” Charlie Brown. Love. For all humankind.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holy Days.


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