My New Best Friend: Chauncey the One-Eyed Shelter Dog!

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This isn’t deep. But it could save a few lives, maybe. Canine and human, both.

So read on if you’re lookin’ for love — the four-legged, puppy variety, that is.

Not too long ago I posted a lament about a beautiful puppy I handed off to a very deserving and equally adorable little boy during Lent. Haunted my dreams for days, that little pup. Just couldn’t let her go, emotionally.

I thought it was a Lenten sacrifice of sorts. A way for me to finally understand what that meant. And why it mattered.

But now I know the real reason that happened.

While I was licking my emotional wounds, there was a six-year old, one-eyed, terrier “mix” wandering the streets frightened and alone and about to be picked up by Pima Animal Control. He was taken to the Pima Animal Center about a week ago, and cute as he was, his messed up eye (corneal damage) wasn’t endearing him to visitors.

But then, I saw him online. And he worried me and worried me and worried me — they euthanize at the Center. It’s why I turned down a chance to volunteer there. I knew I’d worry about all the animals that didn’t get picked. And I just couldn’t handle that.

So I was afraid that nobody would take this little guy, cute as he was.

So I did.

Cost me a whole $12, because of the eye and because he’s more than 5-years-old. And of course I drove right over to Petco and spent what it might’ve cost me to buy him or even to adopt him from another type of shelter.

May mean no movies or restaurants or lattes or anything for a good long while. And I don’t give even the tiniest damn about that.

I can’t have him ’til Wednesday, because he needs neutering and to have that awful eye removed. But we had a lovely time getting acquainted, and I got the strong sense that he wasn’t very well treated even before his previous owners dumped him.

He slumps a bit, when you first approach, like he’s waiting to be hit. And the folks at the center say he has never barked. As if he were “taught” that barking was verboten.

So we had to have some quiet, one-on-one time before he finally started to look at me and sniff and lick a little bit. And when that good eye finally lit up, I knew he was my guy. And that I was ready to help him heal in mind, body and spirit.

He’ll return the favor, I’m sure. Many times over.

So I just wanted to say that if you’re sort of on the fence about a pup you’ve seen, or starting to yearn for one like I was for months, please consider one like my new pal Chauncey, who might be spurned by others. And worse, who might be put down otherwise.

I mean, look at that face, right? C’mon…

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Award-winning former features reporter for the Chicago Sun Times and Arizona Daily Star, HuffPo contributor and author.

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