Is There a Special Place in Hell Waiting for Mitch McConnell? GOD, I Hope So

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I don’t have time to go find all the quotes and videos that prove my point. So this is just a short “WTF” rant. Because this man is The Devil.

Oh yeah, there’s Bannon et al, but this man was in there doing evil deeds long before Bannon got his chance.

Everything McConnell said he was pissed off at Barack and the Democrats for doing, like working “behind closed doors” and whatnot, he is now doing to get that health care bill passed. Brazenly. Unapologetically. Expertly.

And I don’t even understand why.

Okay, yes, for the Republican Party, I guess. But that can’t be all. I mean, he’s putting that party at risk, acting like this. He’s putting lives at risk, acting like this.

And as John Oliver would hiss, he doesn’t give a fuck.

Is it that important to him just to have his own way? Is it that important to him to turn back the clock to when rich white men just expected to get their own way — and usually did? What motivates this man? The same irrational, racist rage that has Trump trying to undo everything Barack ever did?

Nothing scares me more than the sight of those dead fish eyes and that tight, smug little smile McConnell puts on while “explaining” himself. Knowing damned well nobody believes him.

He doesn’t care if we believe him or not, he just wants to win. It’s okay if we’re laughing our asses off the whole time he’s telling us what he’s doing and why. He just wants to win.

Who for? Why? What’s going on deep down in that cesspool of a soul? Damned if I know.

But when he shuffles off this mortal coil and finds himself before the vengeful God I’m sure he’s told his constituents he truly fears, I hope he gets a big “thumbs down.” And then I hope he is instantly reincarnated into one of his less fortunate constituents, who then contracts an endless series of Job-like ailments and has to constantly try and constantly fail to qualify for medical care based on the criteria written into the health care bill he wrote behind closed doors and then shoved down our throats when he was alive.

That’s the Hell I hope Mitch McConnell goes to.

And as John Oliver would also hiss, don’t even bother with the smarmy comments. Cause I don’t give a fuck.

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Award-winning former features reporter for the Chicago Sun Times and Arizona Daily Star, HuffPo contributor and author.

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