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Whoop, here it is!

Yeah, I’ve done it. Cause I just…wanna set my soul free. Say it my way.

When I want, how I want. Without having to ask permission or make any pitches.

So I’ve launched my own site, called, swear to God: RANDOM

It’s just a glorified blog in a way. All I can handle — if the site hadn’t almost built itself, I wouldn’t have taken another step. Every time I touch it I’m afraid I’ll ruin it. So I’m keeping it simple.

But it’s where I’ll rage and rant and romp with readers who happen by somehow and decide to sign up and stick with it.

I have no “agenda.” That’s the point. I’ll write about whatever I write about, hopefully daily. That’s nothing revolutionary, really, but it feels sooo good.

The bits and pieces, the longer pieces —video clips! Things that I want you to watch, listen to or just stare at longingly or with angry indignation.

Oh, I’ll still be here, opining with gusto. But those little splinters of life, those raves and rants that I didn’t feel right sending to an editor..RANDOM is where I’ll serve ’em up fresh from off the top of my head or from ‘way down deep in my heart.

So come on — go rogue! Get RANDOM. Heck, get a RANDOM mug, even.

And sign up on the home page, so I can reach out to you when I’ve set something off.

Let’s dance!

Award-winning former features reporter for the Chicago Sun Times and Arizona Daily Star, HuffPo contributor and author.

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