Glen Campbell, We ARE Going to Miss You

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In one of his last songs, “I’m Not Going to Miss You,” Glen Campbell very bravely explains that because of his dementia, as he was fading away and everyone else was waxing poetic or getting all sad about it, he kinda wouldn’t be there, mentally, to witness or acknowledge it.

I remember watching the documentary, I’ll Be Me, about all that and thinking how remarkably happy he seemed to be just to be. And I thought it again this morning listening to an NPR interview he did in 2012 when he was slipping away a little more and a little more each day. But he could still remember all kinds of important, transcendent moments and thoughts enough to bedazzle even a radio host who had heard almost everything over the years.

So after I’d gotten over the sting of hearing he’d left us yesterday, I just turned to my Echo and said, “Alexa…play me some Glen Campbell songs…”

And boy, she hit the four in a row I would’ve played on my own just like that. Here they are, just because they’re all I really want to think about right now. I don’t need to talk about Glen Campbell. His voice tells you all you need to know. Starting with the one that just made me bawl into my hands for a minute — GOD this song:

Bye, old friend. I am going to miss you. But then again…you left us all this. And taught us how to make a gracious, graceful, grateful exit when it’s our turn.

Thank you so much…

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